School Counseling
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Welcome to Mrs. Beyersdorf's School Counseling Page

     2017/18 Schedule

Counseling Classes
Tuesday Thursday Friday
8:00-8:45  Turnmire 8:00-8:45  Manis 8:00-8:45  Ferguson
8:45-9:30  Snapp 8:45-9:30  Shelton 8:45-9:30  Dobbs
11:55-12:40  Lawson 11:55-12:40  Hagy 11:55-12:40  Cade
12:45-1:30  Shipley 12:45-1:30  Perry 12:45-1:30  Carter
1:40-2:35  Curtis 1:40-2:35  Cornett 1:40-2:35  Cannon
Counseling/Office Hours
Please contact me for an appointment.

Individual and small group counseling will be offered on a limited basis. Parents, guardians, and staff may send referrals via email or a phone message. You may also contact me if you are in need of any outside services.