Congratulations to Carter's Valley Elementary 

for being chosen as 1 of only 9 schools 

to receive the 

Annenberg School Grant!!!!!!!

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Kindergarten Registration

for 2017-2018

Registration will take place on  Friday, May 5th and Friday, May 12th from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.  Please bring your child and the registration documents to the school they are zoned to attend on these dates if they are eligible to begin Kindergarten in the fall.

*******Guess who has won Grants for their classroom...If you check out the Latest News, you can find out....

  Teachers: If you need to request a tech order, you MUST enter your request on the following link!

More information is under Latest News


 Parents:  Please log onto our Family Partnership survey and give us some feedback on how we are doing!! Click on the following link to do so.  It will only take a couple of minutes and it helps us to better help your childThanks for all you do to help your student be a better learner


Carter's Valley Elementary staff and employees would like to thank the following organizations for their donations of back to school supplies for our teachers and students.  We are thankful for each and every person that was a part of the donations.  They are:

Cooper Standard Company

Ridgeview Baptist Church

Grange Hall United Methodist Church 

Check out Information about Our Morning Mile.  It's sponsored by Kohl's and Niswonger Children's Hospital. Let's Get Kids Moving in the Mornings.  Check out our sponsors on the right side of our website for more information.

To know how many books your child has read, check out the following website for that information.

Citizen's of the Month - Congratulations! 


Spellng Bee winner - Warren Shaw


Germ City Comes to CVES

Carter's Valley Elementary School is Allergy Sensitive!! 



High Expectations

Carters Valley Elementary school is INNOVATIVE with PROFESSIONAL employees and has HIGH EXPECTATIONS for all! 


****Parents, please note that students have to be in their classrooms by 7:55.  If they are in their classrooms after that time, they will be counted tardy and an adult has to sign them in in the office.  School begins at 7:55 and ends at 2:55.  Please note the times so that your child does not miss any instruction time. 

*****Staff, please note that teachers and assistants have to be in their appointed rooms  by 7:40 until 3:10.  Thank you for your promptness!




Welcome to Carter's Valley Elementary School website!  Many of the activities that happen at our school each day are listed on our website.  All of our teachers have a class webpage that can be found on our site.  Their "Week in a Peeks" or "Weekly Newsletters" can be found under the individual teacher's webpage (school staff) with regular updates.  This will help you know what your child is studying each week so you can empower them to do their best.  Visit our site often to see what the latest news is, and to see what activities are taking place.  Thank you for visiting our site as we continue to share information and activities that are taking place at our school.  



Kids College at Walter State:  

Two Weeks of Activities for Your Child

Learn more under Latest News. 


Just Show Respect
Enter Ready
Take Responsibility
Stay Safe